The 1st information software dedicated to radiation protection

Your unique interface for radiation protection management

If you are your company’s Radiation Protection Technician, our software will simplify and optimise your daily missions !

Our all-in-one software is designed to monitor and track radiation protection, regardless of your industry. View all of your data on a single, ultra-secured tool for precise and compliant management of your company’s radiation protection system.

Increase your efficiency with our software’s features, from producing documents to anallysing passive and operational dosimetry in real-time. We’ve got you covered !


An evolutive tool made by Radiation Protection Technicians

Our main target is to develop an intuitive and comprehensive tool to meet all the constraints of radiation protection professionals. Therefore, the ABGX is the result of close collaboration with Rhône-Alpes’ RP Technician network.

We have a solution for any of your missions. Our aim is that we grow together, we constantly interact with ABGX users to come up with new useful, relevant features.

This is why our team constantly checks our software’s compliance and frequently updates it to help RPTs and their associates in their missions.

Managing radiation protection has neven been easier than with ABGX

The ABGX software is led by a small team capable of achieving great things. Our taste for innovation is driven by the thirst of quality and compliance in the field of radiation protection.

Easy and safe management

Get a daily overview of your facility’s Radiation Protection management. ABGX offers you an ergonomic interface to track all aspects of your profession in the most efficient way possible.

Risk Management

Track all exposed workers in real time. ABGX allows you to better anticipate the risks related to your activity. in particular allowing collaborative work between all professions.

Producing secured reports & documents to meet current regulations has neven been easier.

Centralised data

Our software is easy to integrate into your information system : SISERI exchanges, Human Resources, medical checks, staff training…

Synchronise and update all your databases from a single software. Isn’t that handy ?

A personnalised support throughout your ABGX experience


Our software adapts to your business and industry’s specificities. We evaluate your needs and set up your new radiation protection software together to ensure a safe and adapted launch of our tool.


Our team share it’s expertise in Radiation Protection so you can quickly handle the software. Depending on your business, we set-up a personalised program, individual or collective, for a quick and efficient handling of the tool.



We provide long-term support for our users. Our support team and online help remain available to advise you whenever it’s necessary. We quickly respond to your question to optimise your ABGX journey.

Move forward together

What makes the ABGX solution reliable is its ability to improve on a constant basis to go further than your first expectations. Our team remains at your disposal to evaluate together the creation of new specific radiation protection features.

Ready ?

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