ABGX software is an all-in-one solution that groups all a site’s radiation protection data within a single tool, thus providing simplified day-to-day management. Time savings, optimization of resources, data security… A host of features that formed an essential and integral part of the software as from the preliminary project design phase.


Developed jointly with the Rhône-Alpes QER Association, ABGX had a clear objective: to create a software solution that would guide and facilitate missions by Qualified Experts in Radiation Protection. Although it took nearly a full year to bring this project to fruition – the result speaks for itself. From the generation of printable documents for real-time analysis of passive and operational dosimetry, each aspect of the QER function has been taken into account to ensure optimal efficacy.

Software functionalities

The main functionalities managed by ABGX include:

  • Passive and operational dosimetry
  • Exposure datasheets
  • Medical check-ups
  • Register of employees subject to exposure
  • Documentary management
  • Customizable warning systems
  • Inventories of sealed sources
  • Customized statistics reports
  • SISERI & laboratory imports and exports

All radiation protection data collected in this way are stored in a locked BOX in accordance with current regulations.
Obviously, the ABGX solution is fully compatible with the Cesium application dedicated to follow-up and management of workers’ exposure times.