To be the radiation protection representative at your site

This is a legal requirement since 1986 – each establishment seeking to hold, use or handle sources of ionizing radiation must first appoint a Qualified Expert in Radiation Protection (QER) who has received full training, and who will be tasked with managing workers’ exposure (Article R4456 of the French Labor Code).

After specific training, the PCR guarantees the safety of workers and the public exposed to ionizing radiation

Role of the site manager

Where do you stand in the process? Review the radiation protection status of your site:

  • Do you have any workstations that expose workers to ionizing radiation?
  • Do you know the radiation exposure limits?
  • Do you have a radiation protection expert, who has received the appropriate training?
  • Do you analyze your workstations on a regular basis in order to evaluate the doses likely to be received by employees?
  • Have you marked out a radiation protection zone around the source of the radiation?
  • Have you classified your employees as either category A or B?
  • Have you clearly displayed the work instructions?
  • Have you clearly displayed the regulatory panels?
  • Do you carry out at least once a year, technical radiation protection controls on the sources of appliances that emit ionizing radiation?
  • Is every employee working in ZC or ZS monitored with a compulsory external dosimeter (passive dosimetry)?
  • Is every employee working in Z.C monitored by operational dosimetry?
  • Have you prepared an exposure datasheet for each employee?
  • Is each category A or B employee given a medical check-up?(at least once/year)
  • If an external company works on the site,do you coordinate prevention measures?

Their role is to take every necessary measure and precaution to ensure workers’ safety.

its obligations

Acting under their employer’s liability, the QER is tasked with end-to-end supervision of the procedure that involves a risk of exposure to ionizing radiation. This mission begins with the creation of the authorization request dossier and continues throughout the operations:

  • Preliminary assessment of the risk to workers
  • Work organization
  • Internal and external radiation protection checks and inspections
  • Follow-up on these checks and inspections
  • Dosimetric tracking in relation with the occupational physician
Contrôles de radioprotection
Suivi dosimétrique
Evaluation des risques
Organisation du travail