Monitoring your radiation protection has never been this easy.

Centralise your data and optimise your company’s radiation protection management with a single software.

Our software’s assets

Centralise and control your radiation protection​

Our software allows you to gather all your radiation protection data on a unique interface. With just a few clicks, track, control and proceed with your operations in compliance with in force regulations.

Our solution has been created and developed with radiation protection professionals to come up with all the features you need.

Optimise your resources, save time and focus on the essentials with a highly secured and constantly updated interface.

Control and manage your organisation​

Our software facilitates day-to-day management and promotes collaboration between your company’s radiation protection professionnals. Dosimetry, exposure tracking, personalised alerts, medical checks… Give personalised and secured access to your data in order to optimise each profession’s mission.

We have designed a tool to perfect your methodology in radiation protection monitoring and anticipate the risks involved.

Quickly and easily produce full reports to help your decision-making.

We adapt ourselves to your business

Comfortably meet the needs and constraints of your profession with the « ABGX Secure » online solution.

Thanks to our IBO hosting, approved by the ASIP Santé, safely access your ABGX interface 24/7..

Keep an eye on everything

Connect your radiation protection databases to your ABGX interface to track your operations in real time.

Anticipate risks and appropriate corrective actions to ensure your personnel’s safety.

Benefit from an evolutive solution

Our software is regularly updated with new features making it always more suited for real Radiation Protection Technician constraints.

Our dedicated team monitors our interface’s compliance and draws on our client’s feedback.

Access your data on a secured server

Forget technical and I.T constraints and focus on what you do best.

Thanks to a secured software hosted by IBO certified by l’Agence du numérique en santé, access your radiation protection management system 24/7.

What they have to say about ABGX

« Ergonomic and easy to use, ABGX is nearly vital for monitoring our exposed personnel and sources. When issues occur, the customer service is reactive. »
Radiation Protection Technician
« A complete and intuitive tool, supplied by a very caring team that is always listening to our requests. They are also very responsive in their developments. »
Radiation Protection Technician

A flexible all-in-one approach

Medical & Healthcare

For every public & private institutions, laboratories and cabinets with workers exposed to radiation.


Energy & Nuclear

A software adapted to the issues of energy, nuclear and petrochemical producers.


Focus on the safety of exposed workers, regardless of the size of your company with a tailor-made tool.


A pledge of excellence and a professionalising partnership for futur radiation protection professionnals.

Our features

Among our main features :


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