Our project : From a voluntary project to today’s dynamic tool

batiment ABGX

A radiation protection software built from the fiel

Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, our Start-up has grown to become an respected and key protagonist  in radiation protection management.

Our software is the result of a close collaboration and R&D with radiation protection professionals and the Rhone-Alpes Radiation Protection Association since 2014. And we don’t intend to stop anytime soon!

We develop our software with feedbacks from our clients  to come up with a management tool usable on a daily basis. We make it always more intuitive and in line with the expectations of Radiation Protection Technicians, regardless of their field of application.

Innovation at the service of radiation protection

In order to respond to all job constraints, our caring team supports you in thehandling of the software. We also help you optimise your radiation protection processes.

We are more than a software publisher. We are first and foremost a true partner in radiation protection management. Our continuous improvement and flexibility allow our clients to benefit from new features to further enhance RPT tasks.

We develop ourselves on a daily basis and support many structures, industries,nuclear suppliers, laboratories and medical facilities. All these feedbacks make us more responsive day by day !

Le projet ABFX

Our core values

The ABGX software is led by a small team capable of great things. Our fondness for innovation is driven by our appetite of quality and compliance in the field of radiation protection.

Trust and cooperation

We maintain a close partnership with our clients to go the extra mile in optimising radiation protection management.

We develop close communication and collaboration between all professions of any institution related to radiation protection.

Simplicity and efficiency

Ensure your compliance and certifications with the audits and controls of the national authorities and competent bodies  or bodies.

We save you administrative work time so you can focus on what you do best.

Adaptability and responsiveness

We keep an eye on your needs to provide a management tool designed for your missions and constraints.

We ensure a high quality follow up of each company to develop a sustainable solution.

We follow you throughout your ABGX experience


Set up a new tool tailored to your company.

We help you implement your new radiation protection software and optimise your methodology on a daily basis. ABGX adapts to your company’s and profession’s specificities to facilitate RPTs mission.


Take control of the software with ease.

We provide customised training programs for you to gain independancy. Individual or collective, our trainings are updated thanks to our team’s expertise in radiation protection and the enriching experience of our customers.


We are always here for you when most needed.

Need a hand ? Our qualified and passionate customer care team is at your disposal as soon as necessary. We answer your questions and counsel you. This is the assurance of a quality follow-up on the long run.

Online support

Get answers wherever you are.

Access our database anywhere, 24/7. Enriched regularly, find relevant content and simple tutorials to answer your questions and optimise your ABGX experience.


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