In France, regulations impose rules for protection against ionising radiation. These rules are intended to protect exposed workers and prevent health risks.

The new 2018 version of the NFC 15-160 standard and the entry into force of the decree of June 4, 2018 sets new obligations concerning radiological protection, zoning and the development of the exposure sheet in preliminary individual assessment.

In response to strong user demand, we have introduced the Analysis feature which offers full and reliable support for these obligations.



Creat your own zoning for all rooms containing X generators from measurements and plans. The feature automatically calculates the exposure level on different points of the plan and applies the zoning accordingly.


Evaluate the protection levels, calculate the attenuation factors and lead thickness required according to a physical model.


Carry out preliminary individual assessments, based on a measurement, depending on the profession, working time and exposure ratio. This assessment can include protective equipment (lead aprons, glasses, etc.)

New in the ABGX software, the Analysis feature brings a fair share of novelties. Until now, our solution has been geared towards data management and centralisation. It now includes a calculation and analysis section. ABGX carries out zoning for all rooms equipped with an X generator. Our software calculates the attenuation factors for all types of walls and provides these elements in a calculation note.

For any X generator installation, the user can calculate the necessary wall thicknesses. The feature generates the preliminary individual assessment documents required by the decree of June 4, 2018. Users access reliable and optimal management of protection management and dosimetric monitoring.


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