Energy & Nuclear

ABGX adapts to all environments, including to energy and nuclear professions. ABGX supports nuclear service providers in order to improve their management of radiation protection. ABGX implements many functionnalities  dedicated to meet the specific requirements of this industry.

Are you in charge of a company in the energy industry ?

ABGX responds to organisational and technical issues related to the energy sector. Our solution meets the regulatory and managerial needs in terms of the intervention of internal workers and external service providers.

ABGX includes the following modules, among others : protective equipment management, training and document monitoring.

Our software is designed for companies whose personnel is exposed to ionising radiation : Energy producers, nuclear service providers, petrochemicals.

Registre des travailleurs exposés

Record of workers exposed to radiation

Among all the radiation protection data, the worker register feature is the one that gathers the most data. Analyse essential information on each individual potentially exposed to ionising radiation (individual assessments, medical checks, training, dosimetry, administrative data, etc.).

Via automated data input and various interfaces  Human Resources, etc.), ABGX saves you administrative work time. The platform is designed to strengthen collaboration between radiation protection professionals (RP Technician, Human Resources, engineers, occupational health physicians, etc.). 

Authorisation certificate access book

GIIN access logs can be automatically generated in ABGX with essential information (training, authorisations, medical examination). List the accreditations and authorisations recognised by your entity on the ability of your staff to perform certain missions. All of this information can be found in specific documents (GIIN access logs, credentials). 

carnet d'accès
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Radioactive device tracker

This module allows you to list the devices (which are potential emission sources) that you might find in certain companies like gammagraphs and which can be moved to different sites. These devices and their accessories are therefore listed, as well as the different sites to follow the source’s movements. 


Through this feature, we give you the possibility to synchronise and manage all your operational and passive dosimetry data. Monitor the dosimetry levels of your exposed personnel (dose constraints, imports, laboratory gateways) and your ambient dosimeters.

Equipements de protection

Protective Equipment

This module lists all your individual and collective protective equipment. Set up an inventory to identify and manage all of them. From this listing, monitor periodic checks and verifications (regulatory checks, expiration date, associated documents, etc.).

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