Thanks to its versatility, our software can be used on a daily basis for the industry sector. Our goal is to support these professionals through their desire of improving their radiation protection. In this demanding field, our software helps companies maintain this level of excellence by dealing with all aspects of radiation protection.

Are you in charge of an industrial company ?

With a few clicks, identify workers in high-risk positions and apply the necessary corrective actions to improve the safety of the exposed personnel. Our configurable and customised solution means it can adapt to any company size. 

By offering you a flexible solution, you avoid losing time and not exploiting the software to its maximum capacity. This will allow you to focus on the safety of exposed personnel.

Registre des travailleurs exposés

Record of workers exposed to radiation

Among all the radiation protection data, the worker register module is the one that gathers the most data. Analyse essential information on each individual potentially exposed to ionising radiation (individual assessments, medical examination, training sessions, dosimetry, administrative data, etc.).

Via automated data input and various interfaces (Human Resources, etc.), ABGX saves you administrative work time. The platform is designed to enhance collaboration between radiation protection professionals is strengthened (RP Technician, Human Resources, engineers, occupational health physicians, etc.).

Radioactive device tracker

This module allows you to list the devices (which are potential emission sources) that you might find in certain companies like gammagraphs and which can be moved to different sites. These devices and their accessories are therefore listed, as well as the different sites to follow the source’s movements.

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List all your ionising radiation emitting devices. In order to maintain the compliance of your X generators, gammagraphs, cyclotrons, sealed sources, etc. For each source, monitor its periodic checks and verifications (associated documents, internal / external periodic inspections of radiation protection of installations and quality of devices, etc.).


Through the Dosimetry feature, synchronise and track all the operational and passive data (dose constraints, imports, laboratory gateways) and monitor the ambient dosimeters of your company.



The training aspect within companies is evolving and e-learning is developing strongly, which is why we have decided to implement it into our software. Your workers will have complete autonomy in creating and monitoring training sessions.
The feature integrates courses (visual support, videos, etc.), questionnaires (training or exam mode) and personnel follow-up (monitoring percentages, success percentages, connections, etc.).

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