Waste monitoring

Through this feature, you can monitor your effluent containers. Follow the filling rate, the level of decrease as well as the estimated duration of decrease of your bins and tanks. The feature is unique due to its radiation protection orientation which will allow you to monitor the different levels of your containers with great accuracy.

gestion des dechets

Bin monitoring

Find all the information about your bins in order to carry out effective monitoring, whether it is in terms of estimated decrease time and decrease level.

Tank monitoring

Your facility’s tank module is easy to use, notably with monitoring the filling and decrease level in each of them.

Following numerous customer requests, the Waste Monitoring module has been added to the software. List essential information concerning the effluent containers of each facility. Follow the example of the Montpellier’s university hospital and monitor the equipment dealing with your waste.

Visualise radio elements present in the tanks and bins, their state as well as an assessment of the decrease in radioactive waste. The tool gives you key dates concerning this decrease, facilitating the management of controls of tanks and bins.

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