Ionising radiation emitters

List all your medical devices emitting ionising radiation. Set up an inventory in order to identify and track the many compliances to put in place for your X generators, your sealed sources, etc. For each emitter, you have the possibility of monitoring all the periodic checks and verifications (periodic internal / external radiation protection checks of the facilities and the quality of the devices, associated documents, etc.).

Emitter Inventory

Access all the information from your sources and manage data efficiently. Perform and send exports in a few clicks. 


Plan internal / external radiation protection and quality controls to ensure the reliability and safety of emitters.


View the status and compliance of your radiation sources in real time with various warnings.

Designed specifically for organisations with a variety of emitters, this ionising radiation emitters feature gathers all the basic actions to monitor and maintain the compliance of all your emitting medical devices.
Import or create each source individually with the mandatory and useful information for your profession. You therefore have a complete inventory you can use to monitor your equipments. If necessary, the inventory can be exported and sent to referents and regulatory bodies. In addition, you have details for each source with essential radiation protection information. You will find its administrative, radiation protection, quality information, reference documents, etc.

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