Business Intelligence

Through this feature, export your data to process them in a dedicated Business Intelligence software. This software helped us create a model adapted to the general demand. Like all our features, this one is flexible enough to adapt to your needs and special requests. In addition to this software, the data export also allows you to process them with the tool of your choice (Excel, LibreOffice, Business Object, Power BI, Micro Strategy, Table Software, etc.). 

Dynamic intercomparison

Analyse training data of your workers, services, etc. Compare your passive and operational dosimetry (by agent, by profession, etc.). 

Big Data Exploitation

Track your database information in an export file. Use the Business Intelligence feature to produce statistics on each of our software’s features. 

Activity tracking

Implement period of activities for your equipments (Generators, sources, individual/collective protective equipment, etc.). 

Evolution and continuous improvement

Integrate new data to answer your needs. Monitor a specific model of your institution if necessary. 

The Business Intelligence feature simplifies data exports to integrate them into statistical analysis. The Business Intelligence software offers you the possibility of complementing the primary functions of ABGX by use of statistics on your chosen data. Closely monitor your entire facility using the various features offered by the software.

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