The statistics features strengthens the company’s radiation protection data present in the various modules (personnel, dosimetry, sources, quality, equipment). This improves the analysis, interpretation and dissemination of Big Data. Statistics are easily generated allowing you to save time for other assignments.

Find all your statistics in real time with intuitive visual and dynamic graphics. Our solution reinforces your data, and allows you to generate in a single click, a complete and customisable report (services, jobs, duration, etc.). You can orientate your work according to the indicators reported.

Full analysis

Access many data related indicators. Analyse them and manage radiation protection efficently.



Customised statistics

Benefit from our software by creating your personalised statistics. Thanks to an automated system, instantly obtain graphs allowing you to monitor various data of your personnel (dosimetry, training, medical visits). 

Generate reports

Do you have an external control coming up ? An unplanned meeting ? Generate a comprehensive report of all your facility’s radiation protection data.

In ABGX, all data is centralised in a radiation protection report. Users have at their disposal a statistics module consolidating all of the company’s radiation protection data. This module summarises this information in order to better analyse, understand and communicate on big data.
As a result, statistics are quickly generated by our system allowing you to devote this calculation time to other missions. Your statistics are presented in real time in various forms (diagrams, histograms, graphs, etc.). All the data displayed can be annotated, printed, downloaded, etc. You can obtain a fully customised report (services, professions, duration, etc.). Depending on the indicators reported, your work can be oriented in order to improve critical points.
Understanding the statistics is made easier for people outside radiation protection. Once generated, they allow synergy between radiation protection professionnals (managers, authorities, laboratories, etc.) by providing a simple but complete summary of all your data.


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