Our 5.0 Grasshopper version is now available !

Our 5.0 Grasshopper version is now available !

The 5.0 Grasshopper version is now available !

We are thrilled to announce that our software’s 5.0 version is available since the 23rd of April 2019.

After more than a year of Irish Coffee, ABGX returns with a new cocktail of functionalities. The GRASSHOPPER version covers more broadly the obligations related to radiation protection. Many features, particularly on training and zoning, have been added to support people working in this field. This version 5.0 is the result of a long process that would not have been possible without the contribution and technical support of our partners. Their feedback is essential for us and for the development of the software. In this way, we provide this new version in line with recent regulatory obligations (decree of June 4, 2018) and users’ field needs. The main new features are the Analysis, E-learning and Metrology modules.

Following the type of hosting, the version is available differently:

  • For accounts hosted on Secure ABGX ASIP Santé, the new version is automatically available.
  • For accounts hosted on their own structures, the new version will be effective subject to the agreement and availability of your IT department.
  • For our partners who already have access to the ABGX solution, you will find all the information on these new features (via the new version pop-up) the next time you connect yourselves.

    In other cases, if you want information, we remain available to present this new version and new features such as the ambient dosimetry module, better visualisation of the company’s compliance, custom management of rights, etc.